With Over 20 Books in Print, James W. Goll releases Living a Supernatural Life: The Secret to Experiencing a Life of Miracles

Multi Published Author James W. Goll

Living a Supernatural Life: The Secret to Experiencing a Life of Miracles by internationally recognized prophet, author and speaker, James W. Goll, speaks of miraculous signs and wonders as the “norm” for Kingdom believers and followers.  In this new book, Goll unveils that living a life in character and proclamation under the authority and power of the Holy Spirit is the inheritance of all believers in Jesus Christ.  Many wonder why they don’t see the miraculous manifest more prominently among their congregations, family, friends and within the people they pray for.  James Goll offers biblical guidance in how to approach signs and wonders, revealing that expecting and experiencing signs and wonders can be a reality through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

James W. Goll has been a forerunner for God and the prophetic for over forty years.  As a prophet, his ministries span the globe as he teaches, imparts and encourages unity in the Body of Christ through life in the Spirit.  Addressing this “modern age of doubt”, this book is highly recommended for new and mature believers who want to see the miraculous in their lives and the lives of others around them.  As a multi-published author, James Goll has over 20 books in print; one will benefit from Goll’s expertise in the arena of the intercession, prayer and the prophetic.   

Randy Clark, Founder and President, Apostolic Network of Global Awakening (ANGW) - I have known James Goll for about a quarter of a century, having had him speak at many prophetic conferences for me over the years. He is a great communicator and his books have always been well written and well researched. His writing on the supernatural is both informative and inspirational. His new book, Living a Supernatural Life, is a great book—one that should be added to the library of those interested in progressing in the life of a Christian who pursues the presence of God.

For more information about the author, his books and some life changing ministry please visit Encounters Network. You may also get your copy of Living a Supernatural Life: The Secret to Experiencing a Life of Miracles at Amazon, in Kindle Edition and at other fine online bookstores.

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Taking Time, Making Time - For The Most Important Person in the World

A Must Read ...

But know that the Lord hath set apart him that is godly for Himself; the Lord will hear when I call unto Him. (Psalms 4:3)

These are truly days when we are facing challenges and distractions on every hand. It seems as if the issues and pleasures of life keep pulling for our attention, attempting to get us away from spending time with the lover of our souls, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ask the average believer if they spend time with God in His Word and prayer everyday, and you may be very surprised at the answers you receive. It is a sad fact that many of us do not make time to spend with God everyday, when He is truly the author and finisher of our faith.

I personally believe and know that much of our distractions come from the enemy of our souls. Think about it: Have you ever noticed that when you determine you will make time for God, things have a pattern of showing up, unexpected things, which if you allow them to, will pull you away from your decision for the Word and prayer that day.

Now you may think a day does not matter. And that is exactly what the devil would want you to think. It is his intention to hinder you, if you let him, from spending time with Jesus today. And then, when tomorrow becomes today, he will attempt to do so again. And each day, as it comes, will prove to be the same distractions, which come for the purpose of hindering your time of communion and the sweet and necessary fellowship with Father God in His Word and Prayer.

To this end, I would like to help you understand how vital it is for you and I to make the time to spend with God each day. This is very important to you, and to the Father. He wants to spend time with you. And He longs for your fellowship more than you may realize. He loves you so.

I have written a book that I strongly believe comes from The Father’s Heart to yours. It is a different kind of book. It is written in the first person as if God Himself is having a conversation with you, One on one. Various people have told me that I may have penned the words, but I did not write this book. One person even told me that she read the book three times and treasures it so much that she even refuses to lend it to one of her employees.

People have told me that they could hear the Heart of God speaking to them as they read. And one lady has even said that she is reading it real slow, simply because she does not want it to end.


Available here: www.sheldondnewton.org

Get your copy today. And please share this message with those you know who need to hear a word from the Heart of The Father. Be a blessing to them today.

Bro. Sheldon

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Christian Author News - Samuel Pak's Unfolding of Thy Love

Title: Unfolding of Thy Love
By: Samuel Pak M.D.
ISBN# 978-1628713732
Review Date: February 4, 2014
CBM Christian Book Reviews
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Unfolding of Thy Love by Dr. Samuel Pak unravels the mysteries of the universe by unfolding the unchanging and eternal love of the Creator towards His creation.  Presenting the Word of God and the love of God as a journey of the heart, this book illuminates that we humans can only comprehend God by His divine revelation and unfolding of His love and Himself as revealed by the Holy Spirit and His Word - Thus only further unveiling His unchanging and eternal love for all of humanity from the beginning of time. 

What the reader will find within the pages is a wealth of understanding based on Scripture, enabling the reader to fathom the incomprehensible love God has for His children and all of humanity.  Offering the Word of God as a spiritual weapon, the book reveals the eternal Word of God that wipes away all fear, doubt, hatred and evil that is in the hearts of mankind, ushering in new life and love through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

With personal testimonies, the author speaks of a Kingdom to Come, offers perspective on love, justice, hell and the Wrath of God, giving understanding to our original origin and royal priesthood – all presenting inspiration, instruction and encouragement from the Word of God.  One will dig deeper into the heart of God, discovering true identity in Christ.  Easy to read and understand the author illuminates a Christian’s true identity and unveils God as an infinite God that created the entire universe.

Ingesting and understanding this great love can only ignite a deeper desire for His purposes and Kingdom principles to become a reality in one’s life.  Phenomenal, Unfolding of Thy Love will transform your walk with God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit as you begin to comprehend the amazing love, power and purpose available to YOU!  A highly recommended read for those desire more of the love and power of God.   This is a must read book that will enable you to find Victory in Christ.

You may get your copy of Unfolding of Thy Love at Amazon, or in Kindle Edition.

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William Waldo's Dreams of the Thinker

Dreams of the Thinker by William Waldo reveals a series of biblical dreams the narrator, known as the “thinker” has in this creative evangelistic novel.  The “thinker” is a college philosophy professor that has a series of dreams resulting in his conversion from Atheism to Christianity.  Fascinating and entertaining, the author begins by explaining his background, coming from an Atheist father who dispelled Christianity as one of the most evil religions.  Deciding to find the truth for himself, the “thinker” began exploring the Bible in search of truth.  What he found was that he had been lied to over and over again and that the Bible was in fact truth. 

Thus, he takes the readers on an exciting adventure from Genesis to Revelation.  His dreams reveal many things such as: the Creation, Garden of Eden, the corruption of mankind on Earth, the flood, the tower of Babel, the first coming of Jesus Christ, the Cross and redemption, John of Patmos, the second coming of Jesus Christ, the vision of the consummation of mankind and the triune God.  Meanwhile, the “thinker” gives timelines, explanations and resources for readers to understand and research. 

Creative and unique, the author (William Waldo) and narrator of the book “the thinker” have created a unique avenue to evangelize those who question the existence of God with a novel that is biblical in it’s storytelling, revealing the truth of the Word of God in an amazingly creative and entertaining way – keeping in mind this is a fiction novel. 

The “thinker” asks the poignant question of - When Christ returns for His Church, will you be left behind to endure the tribulation and at the end of the Tribulation will Christ find faith on Earth?  Revelation and an account of biblical End-Time prophecies reveal the truth of the consequences of not believing in Christ as Lord and Savior. 

Inspiring, touching and thoughtfully penned, this author writes his experiences to share and evangelize the truth and reality of biblical truths that will impact lives now and for Eternity.  A highly recommended read for those skeptics that question if there really is a God of the universe. 

ISBN# 978-1449782924
Review Date: February 4, 2014
A Christian Book Review
9.8 out of 10.0 stars

You may get your copy of Dreams of the Thinker at Amazon, in Kindle Edition and at Barnes and Noble. 

Christian Book News - PR Wilmington, Delaware - Hakeem Collins - International speaker, prophet and apostolic leader releases, Born to Prophesy

CBM Christian Author Press Release

As a new emerging 21st Century prophet and prophetic voice, called as a prophet to his generation, Hakeem Collins gives insight on the purpose of the modern-day prophet and the prophetic ministry – this calling is offered to all and all are born to prophesy! 

With his keen gift of prophecy and a biblical understanding of the function of prophecy, author Hakeem Collins offers a comprehensive instructional study guide to discovering your own prophetic voice, gifts, identity and potential.  All are born to prophesy - called from the womb to answer the high calling of God. There is purpose and destiny to those that are called into the path that is predestined for them.  Today, God is calling you to choose life and choose that which is good, full of the abundant joy, provision and hope.  Discover your high calling today as you understand the prophetic ministry in this new book.     

As founder of Champions International Ministries, an itinerant ministry helping others to discover their destiny and purpose with God and as an affiliated member of IMPACT Network under John Eckhardt of Chicago, IL, Collins gives a firm biblical foundation for the different functions of not only a prophet, using Old and New Testament examples, but more importantly exhorting others to function in their God-given calling beyond the walls of the church, all to God’s glory as His Ambassadors.  Recommended for pastors, teachers, new and mature believers alike, this new release will bring hope and light to darkness and confusion, giving understanding to the high calling God has given to His Church and individuals in these End Times.  A highly recommended read the entire body of Christ.